For over two decades families have entrusted us to go beyond ordinary & traditional financial planning services. Our clients seek tailored strategies designed to elevate their retirement to its fullest potential.

Your Journey Toward Freedom Designed Here

It's about more than just financial security, it’s about crafting a lifestyle that reflects your unique aspirations and dreams. Every detail meticulously considered, from maximizing investment opportunities, to optimizing tax efficiency, and ensuring a legacy for future generations. Your retirement isn’t just a milestone—it’s the culmination of a lifetime of hard work, and it deserves nothing less than the very best.

At Strategic Wealth Designers, we see retirement as a vibrant new beginning. It’s your life’s magnificent encore. With unwavering commitment and unparalleled A-to-Z services, our experienced professionals are here to help you enjoy it on your terms!

Protect Your Nest Egg Rule During Retirement
with a Financial Planner

When you know the rules, retirement planning can be as easy as 1-2-3. This FREE e-book shows you 3 rules for retirement assurance:

  • Establish Reliable & Consistent Income Streams
  • Lower Investment Fees and Tax Burdens
  • How to Simplify the Overall Retirement Puzzle

And so much more education in just 10 easy-to-read and concise chapters. Gain access to checklists for retirement planning, the future of social security, wills, trusts, charitable giving, accumulation vs. distribution strategies, RMD’s, long-term care, and practical tips to help you enjoy and savor retirement.


Fiduciary Advisors
Who Do What's Right,
Not What's Popular

Ready to navigate retirement with a trusted team that has helped thousands of people throughout the country? Our SWD Flight Plan to Freedom process will guide you.


You share your goals and dreams. We share how we can help.


We present strategies to address your specific needs and issues.


We implement your plan, discussing investments and answering questions.


We offer additional planning services focused on income, insurance, taxes and more.

Financial Planning
Services That Separate

The term “holistic” has become a bit of a buzzword in the financial services world. Unfortunately, it often lacks substance.

At SWD, holistic means comprehensive care for all — yes, all — your financial needs. Our adept financial advisors consider every aspect of your financial situation because we consider our clients our family. We want to be the ally you and your loved ones trust today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Our services include:

  • Wealth and income strategies
  • Tax-mitigation planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Insurance and Medicare
  • Legacy planning and more