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Author: Matt Dicken

Investment Trends of 2020

The landscape and the land which humans will reside in the future has forever shifted thanks to Coronavirus 2020. Seismic changes that were bubbling under the surface have jumped to the forefront at an astonishing pace.  Let’s look at how your investment portfolio can deal with what is happening.

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Strategic Wealth Designers Recognized as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

American corporate icons like Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour and Microsoft are among the companies to have first attained national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000. Companies qualifying for this honor are all based in the United States, privately held and over the past 3 years have combined to account for the creation of 1 million jobs.

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Presidential Elections and the Market – SWL Webinar Episode

2020’s Presidential election has become the most polarized decision of a lifetime. Billions upon billions have been pumped into swaying the voter. For financial investors, election paralysis can set in. Founder and CEO Matt Dicken shares how to break out of that paralysis and do what’s best for your retirement portfolio now, so you don’t have to worry regardless of who wins in November.

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