Senior Financial Advisor

Brad's Bio

For many years, Brad managed his own strategic consulting firm, advising private and public organizations on sound financial decisions. His strategies have been nationally recognized and utilized across 119 industries, including finance and health care. However, he shifted his focus from helping companies to assisting individuals in making better financial decisions. The relief they feel when a properly structured retirement plan is in place gives him the most satisfaction.

Brad’s journey to the financial industry wasn’t conventional. As a baseball player at Tennessee Wesleyan College, he learned the value of hard work, dependability and integrity. These values were ingrained in him from his modest upbringing, where his parents worked tirelessly to provide for him.

His clients would tell you that Brad’s expertise lies in being a straight shooter who leverages unexplored opportunities within the financial and planning worlds. This approach gives them the control, clarity and confidence they need for a successful retirement.

When he’s not helping clients enjoy retirement to the fullest, Brad loves spending time with his wife, Vanessa; their daughter, Alexa; and the family’s two dogs, Mr. Wags and Mr. Winkler.