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Property & Casualty Sales Agent

Christopher's Bio

Christopher’s journey into the insurance industry was inspired by his love for sales and service. He found his calling in insurance, where he could combine his passion for helping others with his aptitude for explaining scenarios and outcomes. From minor fender benders to major losses, Christopher takes pride in providing peace of mind to his clients, ensuring they have safeguarded their financial well-being.

Before joining the firm in 2018, Christopher gained experience and knowledge in various roles and industries, including as an appliance installation lead. In his current role, Christopher holds property and casualty insurance licenses. As an insurance professional, Christopher advises clients against trimming out property and casualty insurance during retirement. He believes it’s not worth risking years of hard work and security for short-term cost savings.

Outside of work, Christopher is a dedicated family man. He and his wife, Hilary, have three children: Landon, Tanner and Jordan. They also have a Boxer named Booker. Christopher cherishes his role as a father and finds joy in spending time with his family, whether at the pool, parks or other outdoor activities.

A sports enthusiast, Christopher plays golf whenever he gets some free time. He and Hilary are comedy lovers, and they make it a point to catch their favorite comedians when they perform locally. And when the kids go to bed, you might find Christopher enjoying a video game during his downtime.