Administrative Coordinator

Haven's Bio

With a love for numbers, organization and efficiency, Haven gets the most satisfaction from putting her skills to use helping clients. She feels strongly aligned with the common goal at Strategic Wealth Designers: to make the lives of those around them easier. This shared purpose motivates her to show up every day with a smile and a readiness to assist.

Having experienced many different life situations at a young age, she has developed an exceptional ability to connect with others. She believes in creating a safe space for clients to feel comfortable sharing their unique situations, and she accomplishes this through understanding, curiosity and empathy.

Before joining Strategic Wealth Designers, Haven held various roles including personal banker, financial advocate and customer service representative. These experiences have equipped her with a wide range of skills that she now applies in her current role. She graduated cum laude from Oregon State University in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and Spanish.

When she isn’t working or spending time with her cats, Juniper and Sycamore, Haven indulges in her love for music and art. She’s been playing the piano for about 16 years and the guitar for around eight years. She also enjoys making jewelry, creating collages, exploring antique stores and attending concerts.