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Director of Culture

Laurin's Bio

Motivated by her love for numbers and drive to help people, Laurin has fully embraced the financial services industry, where she can combine both attributes daily with our clients and team. Also inspired by her father’s prudent financial decisions throughout his Army career, she witnessed the benefits of his financial planning and aims to help guide others toward making impactful financial choices with the help of the SWD team.

Today, Laurin is instrumental in enhancing our company culture and creating efficiencies within our operations. She helps onboard every new member of our wonderful team. Her belief that a business is nothing without its people is reflected in the support and guidance she offers each team member.

Laurin is a graduate of The College of Charleston and is working on her master’s in human resources employee relations at The Pennsylvania State University. She lives just outside Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, B.J., their daughters, Eva and Tallulah, and their dogs, Bruce, Aesop and Tucker. A passionate traveler, Laurin strives to explore at least one new country each year and has already explored 32 countries and six continents!