Founder | CEO

Matthew's Bio

Matthew is a serial entrepreneur and investor with experience in multiple industries. His greatest depth of expertise is in financial planning, which he has been part of since the age of 18. Having started Strategic Wealth Designers in 2002, Matthew’s leadership and ethics have made him a sought-after speaker and expert in all areas of wealth management and successful business leadership.

Matthew has been a column contributor to Kiplinger and was named “Best in Finance” by Business First. He is the former host of both a syndicated radio and TV show which focused on retirement planning. Matthew is also the author of three books, one of which was an Amazon bestseller. He has made appearances on NBC/ABC/CBS/FOX newscasts as a financial expert. Matthew also serves as a board member for Spesana, Healthbucks, Pneuma IP Holdings, Total Return Capital Management and Nexosome Oncology.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Colleen, son Winston and German Shepard Tony. Both Matthew & Colleen are avid travelers and very active in multiple charitable endeavors. Matthew is also active in the car community as a collector driver of various race cars. Matthew and the family split time between their homes in Kentucky and Florida.