Senior Events Specialist

Sarah's Bio

Sarah truly believes in the power of education and informed decisions to shape one’s financial journey. Since joining the Strategic Wealth Designers family, she has seen first-hand how clients benefit from a well-thought-out financial plan and loves being part of the process.

She has this advice for retirees and pre-retirees: “Learn something new, go on that vacation you’ve been planning, meet new people! We are here to help you navigate the financial steps to help ensure you can live the retirement you’ve been dreaming of!”

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science in nutrition with a minor in health and wellness from the University of Delaware. Before joining SWD, she wore many hats — from being a real estate agent and an operations and event coordinator to an administrative assistant and senior health care aide. Her love of helping others and bringing people together eventually drew her to SWD, where she utilizes her comforting presence and ability to connect with others to build strong relationships with clients. She takes pride in taking the time to listen and truly understand each client as an individual.

Sarah lives in Scottsdale with her beloved puppy, Phin. Outside the office, Sarah loves staying active and outdoors, whether going on walks with Phin, kayaking or hiking.