Comprehensive Tax Analysis

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Watch our recent webinar with partner Jordan Schwartz and Josh Smith, our Tax Planning Specialist, where they discuss how you can incorporate taxes into your retirement planning.

SWD + Holistiplan

Utilizing Holistiplan, we are able to uncover potential tax strategies that will mitigate your tax burden in retirement.

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Your tax returns from the current or previous year provide key details and insights for the analysis.

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Holistiplan will analyze your tax information and identify potential tax saving opportunities - both current and future years.

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Once complete, our tax-planning specialist will present options that can mitigate your tax exposure through retirement.

The Results?

A personalized strategy with specific suggestions on how to alleviate future tax liability, allowing you to worry less about your money so you can focus on enjoying retirement!

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Josh Smith - Tax Planning Specialist

Josh Smith

Tax Planning Specialist

Josh will analyze your tax situation to identify potential tax saving opportunities – both current and in future years. He is passionate about helping clients understand their retirement finances.

Strategic Wealth Designers, LLC and its affiliates are not a CPA firm, nor do we provide tax advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before making decisions or engaging in any transaction.