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Thursday, June 3 - 6:30 PM

Canal 337
337 W 11th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Enjoy a presentation on the state of the economy and a fun evening featuring a dueling pianos performance!

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Canal 337 | Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, June 3 - 6:30 PM

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Past Events in Indianapolis

SILO Auto Club
Indianapolis, IN | March 13, 2020

Indianapolis is home to the Indy 500 and it also houses the newest gem in Downtown Indy known as the Silo Auto Club. Indianapolis clients showed up in full force for the Wine & Wisdom on March 13th, so many that we even needed to bring in additional seating for our financial planning event. [...]

Scottish Rite Cathedral
Indianapolis, IN | January 30, 2020

Nothing short of a modern day castle, the Scottish Rite Cathedral is a sight to behold in Downtown Indianapolis! Our Wine and Wisdom Trivia Night saw a full crowd join us inside this castle! Clients were greeted with a tour of the venue and walked the red carpet entry into the grand ballroom. [...]

Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis, IN | July 20, 2019

Talk about a WILD time! The Indianapolis Zoo played host to our Wine and Wisdom event on July 20th. [...]

Indiana Landmarks Center
Indianapolis, IN | June 14, 2019

Our June 14th Wine and Wisdom at the Indiana Landmarks Center was our largest Indianapolis event to date! The night was amazing – it featured great food, CEO Matt Dicken’s semi-annual state of the economy address, and a special guest. [...]

Traders Point Creamery
Zionsville, IN | May 10, 2019

Holy cow, what a night! Located northwest of Indianapolis, Traders Point Creamery was the site of our most recent Wine and Wisdom event. In addition to our signature wisdom presentation, the evening featured great food and the chance to learn more about the local farm – check out the pictures below! [...]