Event Recap


It was a night of surprises at the Louisville Wine and Wisdom Christmas event. Nearly 500 people RSVP'ed to attend but the Mercury Ballroom was at capacity at far less than that! The SWD marketing team pulled out all stops for a memorable and fun Christmas experience!

Wisdom Topic


CEO Matthew Dicken spoke on estate planning. He focused on getting wills, trusts, beneficiaries and the power of attorney in place, while still in good health. Working with a financial advisor to help do this digitally so you no longer have to worry about carrying a safe around is the best option.

Santa was on hand taking pictures on the red carpet with everyone coming into the venue! The night started off with a major announcement..Dicken 2020 kicked off his bid for President! Confetti rained down as he took the stage to announce his platform:

  1. Full Social Security would be given to all at age 50 regardless of if they are in retirement or still working!
  2. Seniors will never wait in line anywhere for anything
  3. Long Term Care Insurance is Free for all who were in the workforce for over 20 years!

Of course COVID hit and dismantled the cross country tour so the campaign was suspended before it ever began! It was fun while it lasted, if only for a night!

After the financial presentation which featured everyone covered in confetti, the clients went next door to the Louisville Palace to see the very special showing of Cirque Du Soleil’s Holidaze Christmas show! We are so thankful for all our clients and it was wonderful celebrating Christmas 2019!

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Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event such a success. Check out our next event, or view more photos below.