Wine & Wisdom

W&W from Huber's Orchard & Winery

Oct 18, 2019

Fall cannot come and go in Louisville, Kentucky or Southern Indiana without a visit to Huber’s Orchard and Winery! Our Wine and Wisdom Louisville event took us there for October.  Clients had the opportunity to pick out there own apples from the orchard, select a pumpkin and enjoy a night filled with signature SWD fun and surprises.

The night kicked off with an impromptu pumpkin pie eating contest. Nancy Barnes and Georgia O’Connell of SWD took on two clients that Dustin Stanley choose from the crowd! Each participant was given 90 seconds to devour as much of a whole pie as they could! It provided some great laughs for those in attendance.

CEO Matt Dicken presented his financial wisdom topic on the 3 Investment Worlds. He talked about the banking world. Banks provide obvious options like bank accounts, savings accounts, mortgages or business loans. They also attempt to offer financial services but in a very limited capacity which the makes the nature of their advice not holistic.

The second investment world is stock brokers. Stock brokers also have limited options that they can offer to clients. Investors need to be careful as stock brokers could be operating under the suitability standard when offering their services.

Insurance agents are the third branch in the investment world.  They offer home or auto or life insurance, maybe an annuity option in some cases. These agents have some of the tools once again but are still limited in what they can offer.

Dicken explained that you should find an independent fiduciary financial firm that can offer the pros of all three of these worlds and not be stuck to the limited options of just one. It is also nice for financial clients to be able to consolidate the services they need into one location.

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