Event Recap


Take a step back in time when entering the American Sign Museum. Cincinnati Ohio holds one of the most interesting event centers you will come across in the United States with this little gem on the west side of the city. The sign museum served as a perfect location for Wine and Wisdom.

Wisdom Topic


Dustin Stanley gave a short financial update on the SECURE ACT. Congress passed the SECURE ACT into law beginning in 2020.

Clients and their guests literally walked down memory lane as they took in the 1950’s era signs and storefronts. Smiles beamed from everyone’s faces as the neon lights of yester-year reflected throughout the venue.  The owners of the American Sign Museum receive all of their pieces on a donation basis.  They have been generously given more pieces than they can display so they are eager to showcase their expansion that will open in 2021.

After iconic images in front of their favorite neon signs and a few games to test their knowledge of the Cincinnati area, Dustin Stanley gave his update on the SECURE ACT. Two main keys came from this law: RMD changes and Beneficiaries forced to take money over 10 years instead of a lifetime. Dustin helped our clients make sense of how these two changes affect their retirement planning as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event such a success. Check out our next event, or view more photos below.