Wine & Wisdom

W&W from Denver Aquarium

Mar 14, 2020

Wine & Wisdom Denver Aquarium

The Downtown Denver Aquarium played host to our March 14th Wine and Wisdom events for all our Denver clients. It was the last Denver event at the Downtown Aquarium before COVID shut everything down and was the last event for our team at SWD as well.

The night featured a delicious Italian pasta buffet and surprise appearances from our animal friends.  A porcupine meandered through the audience sniffing guests and munching on some vegetables. Her name was petunia. Clients also go to see a parrot and sloth make an appearance.

Founder and CEO Matt Dicken delivered a satellite address about what SWD has done to reposition our asset allocation in our investment portfolios as COVID hits the United States. At Strategic Wealth Designers, we believe in a safe money strategy that closely follows the Rule of 100 so many of our clients investment portfolios were insulated from the COVID crash.

After Matt’s presentation Jordan talked about the new laws passed surrounding the SECURE ACT that went into effect in 2020. Be sure to watch the highlight video above to see some of the fun from the evening. If you have a financial planning question for any of our financial advisors give us a call or send an email to Be on the look out for the next Denver Wine And Wisdom event coming as soon as COVID allows.

Event Photos