Event Recap


The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky played host to our Wine and Wisdom for March 2020. It was great to have hundreds of clients join us to tour the museum of the greatest boxer ever.

Wisdom Topic


Founder & CEO Matthew Dicken presented on the SECURE ACT that went into law in 2020. 

Upon entrance, clients and their guests experienced an upbeat party atmosphere to welcome them into an entertaining financial-centered evening. After a red carpet walk and a stop to pick up their favorite beverage, clients spent time interacting with each other learning about their backgrounds and what part of the city they come from.

We were pleased to introduce our two newest employees Danny Moran and Dakota Fleck. Dylan Schoonover put each one on the spot with a few impromptu questions about themselves that they weren’t expecting.  This was the last event before the coronavirus took hold of the country and we weren’t able to announce our next Wine and Wisdom like we would typically do.

In his presentation on the SECURE ACT, Dicken noted for our clients two main areas of interest with the new law. 1) Required Minimum Distributions have gone up, formerly at 70.5 money had to be withdraw from retirement accounts but that has been pushed back to age 72.  These RMD’s could set off a taxmageden for retirees who have not withdrawn money from their investments but this delays that by 18 months.  2) A negative from the SECURE ACT is beneficiaries must now transfer the assets they are inheriting over the course of 10 years instead of their entire lifetimes. This could trigger some high tax burdens for those heirs.

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Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event such a success. Check out our next event, or view more photos below.